Your Spacious Self

Space clearing “is a more intuitive branch of feng shui”. Stephanie Bennet, a former teacher, has over 30 years working with this technique.

Your Spacious Self is a guide to deal with the cause of attachment to things through years of accumulating stuff and creating clutter in the house or office. If we feel stuck even when everything is neat clean and organized, it could be mental or emotional clutter.

All the exercises, meditations and journal activities generate awareness as they bring to the surface what’s behind all this clutter to deal with and let go for good. However, when the attachment is strong it is useful to do it with people that you trust and embark in this activities together and support each other.

Your Spacious Self  goes for creating clearing habits, at your own pace and with intention.

The book presents ideas that help with what to keep, to let go, to gift and to buy. However, it doesn’t present any way to store or fold anything if that’s what you are looking for.

Available on: Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Apple iBooks | Powell’s Books | IndieBound

Writer Stephanie Bennett
Published by Hierophant Publishing, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9818771-8-1


“Behind our stress, clutter, and confusion is an infinitely spacious place one might call stillness or joy. This is our natural state of being, yet we hardly know it because we are caught in a web of attachment to things, worries, and outcomes.

“Clutter.” It is not just what you see spilling out of your closet. It is also the noise spinning around in your head, old habits that no longer serve and support you, stuck energy. Clutter is any thing or thought that gets in the way of experiencing your best life.

Your Spacious Self integrates the depth and teachings of the original award-winning book with all-new nourishing lessons and daily practices in slowing down, simplifying, and self-care. If Anne Lamott and The Artist’s Way went on a clearing adventure, it would be this jewel of a book!”

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