How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness

Friendships take work to develop to higher levels of connection and intimacy, considering no one is perfect, and taking aside toxic people. Moreover, Shasta Nelson considers how deep friendships contribute to meaningful lives, and the importance to make frientimacy a priority in a world where plenty of things, as money, compete for our attention.

FRIENTIMACY focuses on female friendship intimacy. Furthermore, Shasta Nelson identifies five different types of friends – you can read about them on the workbook if you don’t have her previous book – because not everyone will become a best friend, and it’s nothing wrong with it.

FRIENTIMACY zoom in three aspects: The intimacy gap, the frientimacy triangle, and obstacles to intimacy.

  • The intimacy gap: “A gap between the kind of friendships you want to have and the ones you do have.”
  • The frientimacy triangle: It includes positivity, consistency, and vulnerability.
  • Obstacles to intimacy: Doubting our self-worth, the fear of rejection, the toxic friend trend, jealousy and envy, and holding ourselves back.

This book contains practices and reflections to consider. Besides, on you can download the workbook and the book club’s guide.

Overall, I enjoyed reflecting on frientimacy reading this book. However, I disagree with Shasta Nelson’s opinion that “life isn’t fair, so we can’t run around calling foul every time someone gets something we don’t have” written in the chapter about jealousy and envy, for that leads to believe in luck and not that people deserve what they have accomplished.


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Author Shasta Nelson
Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness
Published by Seal Press (March 1, 2016)
ISBN: 978-1580056076


With the constant connectivity of today’s world, it’s never been easier to meet people and make new friends—but it’s never been harder to form meaningful friendships.

In Frientimacy, award-winning speaker Shasta Nelson shows how anyone can form stronger, more meaningful friendships, marked by a level of trust she calls “frientimacy.” Shasta explores the most common complaints and conflicts facing female friendships today, and lays out strategies for overcoming these pitfalls to create deeper, supportive relationships that last for the long-term.

Shasta is the founder of, a community of women seeking stronger, more fulfilling friendships, and the author of Friendships Don’t Just Happen. In Frientimacy, she teaches readers to reject the impulse to pull away from friendships that aren’t instantly and constantly gratifying. With a warm, engaging, and inspiring voice, she shows how friendships built on dedication and commitment can lead to enriched relationships, stronger and more meaningful ties, and an overall increase in mental health.

Frientimacy is more than just a call for deeper connection between friends; it’s a blueprint for turning simple friendships into true bonds—and for the meaningful and satisfying relationships that come with them.

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