Career Courage

Career Courage addresses that for one reason or another some people lost their north at some point in their lives and end far from their true calling; furthermore, a crisis or as simple as a sense of dissatisfaction points out that’s time to face whatever it is that makes them unhappy.

Based on her experience and practice as career coach, Katie Kelley presents a program to encourage any reader to answer ten questions that revolve around “motivation, confidence, risk, character, harmony, vision, community, influence, fortune, and life’s pivotal moments.” Moreover, Career Courage incentives to answer these questions to face discomfort as success not necessarily means happiness.

Three types of exercises to apply this knowledge: Asking the tough questions, taking stock, and wrapping up.

This book would be useful to people that experience unease even though they have achieved success. Even more useful for teenagers so they avoid the suffering to be far from their soul purpose as adults.

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Author Katie Kelley
Career Courage: Discover Your Passion, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Create the Success You Want
Published by AMACOM, 2016
ISBN: 978-0814436745


“What do you want to be when you grow up? “That question nags at us long after childhood. Why is it so hard to figure out? Because finding your true calling takes courage. It means conquering fears, shedding misguided ideas, and mustering the strength to let go of a safe job and stage your next act.

“Career Courage” serves as a personal coach through the soul-searching and planning process ahead, whether you’re a college grad contemplating choices, a seasoned professional seeking new directions, or a stay-at-home mom preparing to reenter the workplace. Packed with exercises and stories of inspiring second acts, the book poses tough questions about motivation, confidence, character, risk tolerance, and more. The answers will power your journey forward as you learn to: Clarify what really matters – Express your point of view – Build strong relationships and a robust network – Stay focused on finances – Think like an entrepreneur – Prioritize a truly fulfilling life – And more.

A career that seemed promising can feel like a dead end today. “Career Courage” helps you break free and create your own brand of success.

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