On Being Stuck by Laraine Herring

Tapping into the Creative Power of  Writer’s Block

On Being Stuck focuses on personal development block´s and how they affect writer’s work. The author refers to writer’s block as a pause on work to pay attention to what’s going on inside us.


On Being Stuck uses imagery thanks to “personification, character creation, and active imagination” to embrace, for example, shadow work – false beliefs. Moreover, this book includes practices like meditation, breathing, gratitude and inquiry; therefore, several activities to reach the subconscious mind to deal with writer’s block, for instance, keeping a dialog with your writing or your fears about writing.

I think this book works for people that have neglected their spiritual or personal development practices, and it shows through blocks in their writing, besides that, offers advice for beginners as consistency, commitment to writing, writing schedule, lack of technical knowledge and for advance writers as taking risks, research and perfectionism.

This book is not everybody cup of tea so read the sample first before you buy it.

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Author Laraine Herring
On Being Stuck: Tapping Into the Creative Power of Writer’s Block
Published by Shambhala, 2016
ISBN: 978-1611802900


What if writer’s block became your most precious teacher? An empowering new process for writers who struggle with the seemingly insurmountable middle of a project, from the author of Writing Begins with the Breath.

Writer’s block is not a mysterious force that has aligned with your writing to stop you in your tracks. Writer’s block occurs when hope meets fear—when our expectations for a project or ourselves as writers run head first into the fear(s) that are uniquely tied to that hope. Writer’s block is not external. It is not part of a vast conspiracy. It is a signal from deep within to pay attention to the writing and to pay attention to what the writing is asking of us as writers. Using deep inquiry, writing, body and breath exercises, and a range of interdisciplinary approaches, On Being Stuck helps writers uncover the gifts hidden within their creative blocks and deepen their relationship not only to their work but to themselves.

ARC by NetGalley

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