Feminine Lost Book Review

FEMININE LOST   Why Most Women are Male

Feminine Lost relays on the inner male-female paradigm, an ancient assumption that we have both male and female essence inside of us independently of sexual orientation.


The imbalance of these energies in us creates inharmony in ourselves and our relationships nowadays.


Through her own experience and her clients, transformational coach, Jennifer Granger explains with archetypes how these imbalances, promoted by false beliefs,  show up in our society, specifically the ones where women tend to their masculine essence and men, in consequence, to their feminine essence.


Jennifer Granger describes was going on as “we have well-dressed women in the workplace acting like men on a power trip and taking no prisoners. We have men who look like rugby players but are acting out their feminine side.”


You attract your inner polarity, and the energy imbalance ensures dissatisfaction, and an unease feeling persists until the pursue of equilibrium.


Imbalanced archetypes:
The good doer
The villainous andro woman
The virtuous andro woman
The cougar
The pseudo masculine man
The highly feminine man


Balanced archetypes:
The graceful woman
The sensitive – champion man


Feminine Lost is useful for both men and women to embrace a healthy male-female relationship in us and through us at work, and at home.

Feminine lost - Why most women are male - Book Review

Available on: Amazon US |Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Apple iBooks | Powell’s Books | IndieBound

Author Jennifer Granger
Feminine Lost: Why Most Women are Male
Published by Weinstein Books (January 28, 2014)
ISBN: 978-1602861862


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