Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth

by Rosa Elena D. | Last updated Aug. 11, 2016

Worthy by Nancy Levin Review

Worthy main idea focuses on “our self-worth determines our net worth.” Furthermore, not only about how we feel dealing with money issues but ourselves generally.


This book is about
Shadow work.

1) Discovering limiting beliefs, underlying commitments and excuses, 2) steps to act to eliminate them, and 3) create expansive ones to follow our dreams.

This book isn’t about
Advance technical financial advice. Don’t expect information about investments, retirement funds, etc.

However, first steps for financial advice are available for categories of ‘powerful decisions’ such as hiring someone, spending money, saving money, making money and handling money better.


STEP ONE: Take off the blinders
STEP TWO: Admit who holds the purse strings
STEP THREE: Take inventory of your beliefs
STEP FOUR: Tally the cost of your excuses
STEP FIVE: Uncover your underlying commitments
STEP SIX: Become willing to be worthy
STEP SEVEN: Take back your financial power
STEP EIGHT: Make one powerful financial decision
STEP NINE: Uncover your desires – financial and otherwise
STEP TENTH: Get ready to do the impossible

The author experience shows how an event interpretation affects our beliefs system since childhood, how fragile it can be, and get distorted in the process.

Coach NANCY LEVIN provides plenty of exercises and examples to endure the inner work to eradicate the limiting belief of ‘being not enough’ that creates ‘having not enough’.

Moreover, a couple of examples of how dealing with shadow work for self-worth around money spreads to other areas and resolves issues like an eating disorder and nail-biting that apparently weren’t related.

I enjoyed reading WORTHY, and the awareness that these ideas provoke.

Available on: Amazon US | Apple Books | Powell’s Books | IndieBound

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Author Nancy Levin
Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth
Published by Hay House, Inc. (August 2, 2016)
ISBN: 978-1401950156

ARC by NetGalley













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