Build, Protect, and Clear Your Energy

Using practical exercises and easy-to-follow techniques

Atherton Drenth, a medical intuitive and holistic energy practitioner for over fifteen years, shares spiritual techniques to handle stress and anxiety the ego causes in her book The Intuitive Dance.  However, the intuitive abilities are surrounded by skepticism, and even though they are not explained at school that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Moreover, “we all know how to feel other people’s energy” as we all are energy and connected.

The Intuitive Dance
The Intuitive Dance focuses on “using your intuition to work with ego and reconnect to a state of inner calm.” The four forms of intuition:

  • Clairvoyance: Clear seeing.
  • Clairsentience: Clear feeling.
  • Clairaudience: Clear hearing.
  • Claircognizance: Clear knowing.

Through The Intuitive Dance, several exercises and techniques help building, protecting and clearing your energy. Some of them:

  • Building your energy: Grounding, changing a negative belief.
  • Protecting your energy: Creating shields, dealing with Energy tyrants “…they try to impose their will and control your thoughts and actions.”
  • Clearing your energy: Cutting energy cords, dealing with toxic relationships.

Atherton Drenth illustrates her teachings with her own experience and examples of her clients. Furthermore, The Intuitive Dance shows an interesting way of dealing with stress and anxiety through building, protecting and clearing your energy.

Build, Protect, and Clear Your Energy

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Author Atherton Drenth
The Intuitive Dance: Building, Protecting, and Clearing Your Energy
Published by Llewellyn Publications (December 8, 2016)
ISBN: 978-0738747989


Stop letting the negative voice in your mind create stress and instead start moving toward peace and harmony. Using practical exercises and easy-to-follow techniques, The Intuitive Dance helps you dance with your ego to find inner calm.

Learn how to improve your wellness and happiness as you progress through this book’s three main sections: building, protecting, and clearing your energy. Along the way you’ll discover how to determine your intuitive type, center and ground your energy, and rest fully when you sleep. Explore ways to cut energy cords with negative influences around you, make your living spaces more peaceful, and fill your life with abundance. By changing your inner dialogue and the harmful beliefs that may have been ingrained in childhood, you can live the truth of who you really are.

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