How Falling In Love with Your Fears Can Change the World

Sometimes what we observe in our world could be a projection of our own fears and not necessarily what we consider negative, people can be fearful of failure as much of success. Furthermore, Carl Jung named the shadow to the suppression of our fears “the hidden side of the human psyche…Although many people use the word “shadow” to refer only to the darker parts of our nature, it contains also the golden selves that we find it too risky to see or to allow ourselves to manifest.”

I Hope I Screw This Up       

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Not everything we see is a projection of ourselves, but to be clear we have to work on ourselves first. As Clifford Mayes reflects “Jung’s point was simply that until we face our own shadow we will never know if the evil we are “observing” is truly there or is just a projected problem in ourselves.”

A projection moves us emotionally, disturbs us somehow; we can’t be indifferent. However, Florence Scovel pointed out you have to become nonresistant and undisturbed by appearances. Moreover, a change in consciousness is necessary from a state of doing to a state of being, and this process is what Kyle Cease’s book I Hope I Screw This Up is all about.

Nowadays, Kyle Cease is one of the exponents of shadow work. He went from a stand-up comedian to a transformational speaker, so the mix of comedy and spirituality shows in his work and specifically in his book I Hope I Screw This Up, that means it is not a typical self-help book; it could be called irreverent.

The format of I Hope I Screw This Up is like a stand-up comedy script, between jokes, experiences, rambling, and shadow work. Through each chapter Kyle Cease expresses his own fears that show up because of writing this book and the process to overcome them by finishing writing the book. Moreover, the main idea supports how to go from a fear-based, addictive mind-set at first and move into a creative, free mind-set in the end.

Something I would love to accompany I Hope I Screw This Up is a workbook or its equivalent to enrich the readers experience because it will help to get the most out of this book and a clear action plan.

Shadow work helps us to take responsibility to feel whole and complete and to overcome whatever is obstructing its accomplishment. An inner journey, going from a state of doing to a state of being, going from a fear-based to a creative mind-set, going from the mind to the heart.

Suppressing parts of ourselves is not at option unless you want to have it as a projection in your life and befriend, marry or work with whoever you are avoiding in yourself, so there is not way out, it’s better to have the courage and deal with the situation for once. On the other hand, not everything that disturbs our lives is a projection, but we need to work on ourselves first to clear that out, and protect ourselves if it’s necessary.

An entertaining didactic way of experiencing shadow work.

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Author Kyle Cease
I Hope I Screw This Up by Kyle Cease: How Falling In Love with Your Fears Can Change the World
Published by North Star Way (May 2, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1501152092


If Eckhart Tolle and Jim Carrey had a baby, that baby would be Kyle Cease.

After twenty-five years of achieving what he thought were his dreams of being a headlining touring comedian and actor, Kyle Cease suddenly discovered that the belief that “When something happens, I will be happy” is a complete lie. With nothing more than an intuition, he decided to quit his stand-up career at its peak, and now—as a transformational comedian, he brings his one-of-a-kind self-help wisdom to sold-out audiences in his Evolving Out Loud Live stage show.

In I Hope I Screw This Up, he disarms readers as he leads them to their own personal breakthroughs, helping them to recognize that actual happiness and fulfillment is available to them—not in some distant future, but right now. As he has shown audiences all over the world, when you embrace your pain, fear, and vulnerability instead of pushing it away, you will discover an authentic creativity and power that is truly unstoppable.

Using self-deprecating personal stories, hilarious observations on life, and poorly drawn illustrations, Kyle unravels the deepest issues standing between us and emotional freedom. From discovering the never-ending opportunities that come from playing—and going with whatever comes up in the moment—to learning to let go of what feels heavy in our lives, this book is a journey into the endless possibility that can appear if we just dare to let go of our fear of screwing up.

This is not motivation. This is not inspiration. This is true transformation.

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