30-Day Colorful Challenge to Love Yourself Review

30-Day Colorful Challenge to Love Yourself Review

A 30-Day Challenge to Fall in Love with Your Playful, Imaginative & Colorful Self

Janet Conner, the author of Writing Down Your Soul, wrote in her journal out of desperation; she needed a miracle:

Dear God, you know I need ten thousand dollars for the attorney. I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but I know you’re going to send ten thousand dollars. Thank you right here and right now for your gift of ten thousand dollars.

Two days later her mother called:

“. . . We’ve given money to all the other children but we’ve never given any to you. So, dear, we’re sending you ten thousand dollars.”

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I tried this approach for manifesting in my journal practice and asked for clothes.

That day, my neighbor gifted me clothes that she didn’t need and haven’t worn in a while and fit me perfectly! I was sold to journaling.

I don’t doubt about all the therapeutic benefits of journaling as I have benefited myself, but this aha! moments make it memorable and made me stick to this helpful technique; it wasn’t always the case at first.

Find Your Awesome Pinterest

“The first modern psychologist to embrace journaling as a therapeutic device was Carl Jung…According to his theories, the further the split between the everyday conscious mind and hidden unconscious the less we were able to respond and adapt to life.” Michael Kaminsky

The split could mean you feel STUCK and journaling is a great tool to get you out of the mud.

Journaling is a powerful tool for self-discovery, healing, manifesting, etc. Moreover, the mix of art and journaling enhances its benefits, and some professionals use art journaling in their practices.

Find your awesome creative journal cover

Nowadays, journaling and artwork together as a technique to heal trauma, anxiety, PTSD or stress reduction among others, and if you are into heavy, difficult times look for professional help.

On a lighter note, I had this wishful thinking about drawing, so Find Your Awesome caught my attention as I always wished to improve my art skills. Moreover, the 30-Day Challenge was a perfect way to mix art and journaling; two of my favorite topics.

Doubts? Is it limited to artists?

I can draw stick figures to save my life, a tree, a house, and a flower, nothing beyond that yet. And Judy Clement answered this question on her website:

“I didn’t start drawing until I was well into my 40s, so my obsessive behavior is really just making up for lost time. As a kid I wrote, I read a lot of books, I wrote some more. It never occurred to me to draw. Then one day (disappointed that, despite my creative writing degree and all the words I’d written, I was not quite the literary sensation I’d ardently imagined myself  becoming), I started drawing. (I was trying to distract myself. Little did I know . . .)

And now she is an illustrator. Not bad!

Also checking the prompts in the book, it includes several artistic endeavors like doodles, or a self-portrait, but Judy Clement explained “Don’t worry, this isn’t an artistic thing (necessarily), it’s more of a “what do you want to capture about you and your life right now” thing.”

Even though Find Your Awesome incorporates some artistic activities most of the challenges involve writing about self-love topics, and Judy does the drawing.

I don’t think this mix of art and journaling will replace my journaling morning routine, but it would be useful to my artist dates activities.

What’s an artist date?

“Is a block of time, perhaps to hours weekly, especially set aside and committed to nurturing your creative consciousness, your inner artist.” Julia Cameron

And no need to be an artist to go into this artist dates that spring creativity, we are all creators.

Find Your Awesome involves some artistic activities, but it will be as artistic as you want it to be, the main idea is about healing the “hidden unconscious”, an inner journey to self-love to love others as much as you love yourself.

Do you use art journaling daily or regularly? Comment about your Aha! moments because of journaling.

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Author Judy Clement
Find Your Awesome: A 30-Day Challenge to Fall in Love with Your Playful, Imaginative & Colorful Self
Published by HCI; 1 Csm edition (April 4, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0757319754

ARC by NetGalley

Find your awesome creative journal review

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