Book Review: Easy Drawing Ideas for 6 year olds (and up!) step-by-step

The author Nila Aye has been an illustrator for more than two decades. These days, she is a professional children’s illustrator in the UK.

The key to her teaching is “the easiest way to learn how to draw is to look for the shapes and lines that make up what you’re trying to draw.” Furthermore, Nila Aye adds the illustrations that match perfectly what she is teaching.

Drawing School Book Review - Easy Drawing Ideas for 6 year olds (and up) step-by-step

For example: Nila Aye explains “draw the body of a violin with four half-circles.”

Four half-circles?

Yes, four-half circles to draw the body of a violin. It’s that simple.

The demographic of Drawing School is juvenile, +6 years old, “more than 250 animals and objects are broken down into clear and easy-to-follow steps, so that aspiring artists of all ages and abilities can learn to draw anything and everything.”


Tools and Materials:

An eraser,
A ruler,
Colored pencils, markers, etc., whatever suits your needs and preferences.

The Easiest Way to Draw:

1.- Seeing Shapes: circle, square, etc.

2.- Learning Lines: straight, wavy, spiral, etc.

Nila Aye explains drawing doodles through basic shapes and simple lines.


Different scenarios with doodles pertinent to the event, for example:

Let’s Celebrate is all about a children’s birthday party. So, kids will learn to doodle a cupcake, birthday cake, balloons, gift boxes, and a piñata.

More doodles:

  • Pets,
  • Sports Stuff,
  • Let’s Celebrate,
  • On the Farm,
  • At the Beach,
  • Under the Sea,
  • At the Zoo,
  • In the Garden,
  • At the Circus,
  • At the Show,
  • In a Fairy Tale,
  • Around the House,
  • At School,
  • Around Town,
  • Around the World,
  • Beyond Our World,
  • In the Past.


Drawing School is full of step-by-step illustrations with opportune guidelines.

You can check the book preview (google preview)

Summing Up

Nila Aye provides an easy method to draw doodles right away.


With basic shapes and simple lines.

The instructions are easy to follow, because the illustrations are self-explanatory, and with the guidance available, kids are good to draw right away.

How to Doodle: Quick and Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners


Available on: Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Powell’s Books | IndieBound

Author Nila Aye (Illustrator)
Drawing School: Learn to draw more than 300 things, step-by-step
Published by Walter Foster Jr (October 1, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1633223790

ARC by Edelweiss

There are affiliate links. I receive an affiliate commission if you decide to purchase from Amazon, Apple iBooks, Powell’s Books or IndieBound, at no additional cost to you. Thank you in advance.


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