3 Ways to Be Happy to Spend Your Time on Social Media

(and make your life better)


3 Ways to Be Happy to Waste Your Time on Social Media - Time Management


Recently, I heard an influencer talking about temporarily avoiding using social media because the people she followed presented their lives too curated for her taste. She wanted to know how they look besides the perfect look of the day, or how their lives are beyond the perfect meal pic.

By contrast:

I have witnessed an influencer share a lot of drama, and present that as real life, as being vulnerable and genuine.

There are better ways to spend invest your time on social media than to follow people with phony lives and nonsense drama.

Here’s the point:

It’s easy to mindlessly scroll through social media app feeds. However, you have to be clear about your intention when you use social media to get the best for you.


1. Look for Content That Contributes to Your Life Right Now


Write a List of Your Interests

  • Career
  • Food
  • Health
  • Education
  • Entertainment

Add whatever topic you would research with/without social media.


Search for People in These Areas

Ask family and friends who they follow on these topics.

Follow your favorite theaters, and keep up to date with their activities.

Follow people/institutions you are interested in taking their courses.

Follow people that publish healthy recipes.

Follow your favorite doctors. It will never substitute a doctor’s visit, but you’ll get general health tips.

For example, I follow literary agents. They publish great writing and publishing tips. Also, I’m checking who I can query when I’m ready to look for a literary agent.

Some of these people have free private Facebook groups that are a great source of information and help.

Be aware of red flags:

Don’t follow anonymous profiles.

Some people use other’s people pics, and well-known people can give surprises.

Avoid the gossip.


Use the Unfollow/Block Bottom If Necessary

Take control of your social media feed.

Ask: Does this person contribute to my life?

Look for people that inspire you to take better care of yourself in the areas you’re interested.


If you follow someone, but later you don’t like what they publish, unfollow them, and look for people more in harmony with you.


2. Take a Look at Your Future – Use Social Media as Your Vision Board


Have you ever wondered something about a topic, and wished you knew someone in the blink of an eye with the experience to share it with you and answer your questions?

Besides family, friends, and professionals on the subject, you can check people’s published content to get an idea if you will like to pursue this specific dream of yours or not.

For example:

Do you wonder about being an entrepreneur? Follow people that show the ins and outs of their business. They usually take their followers behind the scenes. If you follow the right people, they will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

There are different business models. You don’t have to go through them if people are running them, and letting you see how the experience goes.

Looking in real life what you have in mind makes easier to visualize what you really want. Also, it serves as inspiration, when someone shows it’s possible.


3. Use Social Media to Get a Better Understanding of What’s Going on in the World


With so many fake news and post-truth showing up, it’s easy to be misinformed or happy to avoid the news altogether.

I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. Not informed and overwhelming informed.

Nowadays, I choose something in between.

Follow people from each side of the issue you’re interested.

At first, I followed a lot of politicians and journalists.

A few months later, if they are active on social media, it gets easy to realize who is pro fake news and who isn’t. You can unfollow them if you like.

These days, I follow the main political figures and few journalists.

With the protagonists of the stories using social media, it’s easy to get the information directly from the source.

The information I gather is enough to be well-informed. It helps me to keep my peace of mind and formed my own opinion instead of being imposed other people’s point of view, just because they feel entitled.

Unfortunately, if what’s happening is bad news, at least it’s the truth, or the closest to the truth it will get.

Once, a journalist I followed twitted he was bored because there was no news. It was the holiday season. I inferred he meant bad news. I unfollowed him. I dislike bad news magnets.

If what’s happening is bad I’ll take it. However, there’s no need to make up drama. There’s good stuff going on in the world, too. Rarely, you will find it in a news outlet.

Finally, block time in your schedule as you would do with any other task.


Summing Up


  • Make a list of your interests.
  • Look for and follow people in these areas.
  • After a while, unfollow them if they don’t contribute to your life, and keep looking for other people more in tune with you.
  • Project your dreams and ideas. Other people are living it. It can help to give you an idea of what you really want and serve as inspiration.
  • The research to find reliable sources in the news will take a few months following pertinent people active on social media to know who is who, but it’s worth the effort. Even though it’s not a funny part, it gives peace of mind to know what’s really going on in the world.
  • Get organize. Block time in your agenda to check your curated social media.



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