Hootsuite For Pinterest? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Hootsuite For Pinterest. It's Easy If You Do It Smart

You dream with Tailwind to schedule your Pins, but you’re on a budget.

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Besides, you have few Pins to share.

Pinterest scheduler is time consuming. You better spend that time creating content.

What can you do?

Try Hootsuite to schedule your Pins. You can schedule 30 pin at a time and it’s free.

Hootsuite isn’t as powerful as Tailwind, but it’s better and less time consuming than the Pinterest scheduler or manual pinning.

And with a trick I’ll explain you later, you’ll save time and avoid mistakes.

First, Create a Hootsuite account.

You’ll see the Hootsuite Dashboard.

  • Go to Content.
  • Drafs.
Hootsuite For Pinterest 1


  • Click to open the New Pin menu
  • Click on New Pin
Hootsuite For Pinterest 2

Fill in all the Pin information. You’ll need to do it just once.

  • Select board
  • Select Pin image
  • Add URL the Pin links to
  • Add the description of the Pin
  • Important TRICK: Save as draft
Hootsuite For Pinterest 3

Great you have everything set now.

  • Duplicate the Pin draft every time you want to schedule that Pin.
Hootsuite For Pinterest 6


Schedule the Pin

  • Add date and time.
Hootsuite For Pinterest 4

If you go to Planner, you will see the pin scheduled. You can edit the scheduled Pin information except for the group board.

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If you want to change the group board after you have scheduled the pin you have to delete it and schedule again.

Hootsuite For Pinterest 5

That’s it. Easy and simple.

Free scheduler - How to make pinning on Pinterest easier for you.jpg

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