For Women Entrepreneurs: How to Deal with a Very Bad Schedule

Pile of books with text overlay - for women entrepreneurs, when is the best time to trim your schedule?

If you try to keep up with your to-do list and you feel overwhelmed, you have outgrown your schedule. It used to work when you began your journey as an entrepreneur.

Nowadays, you’re wondering the best way to grow your business, you have to juggle several tasks, have more responsibilities and more distractions.

Let’s no forget “me time” is essential for your sanity. Also, family and friends claim your attention.

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This post focuses on Jocelyn Glei, author of Unsubscribe, suggestion of doing a productivity audit once or twice a year.

2 Important Conditions to Protect Your Schedule.

There are vanity metrics, the ones that keep you overwhelmed, but you’re still pursuing. The number of followers and impressions, for example, don’t mean engagement or clicks.

Don’t wait until you’re burnout or your health is at risk to reevaluate your business metrics.


1. Choose Your Business Goals.

Paul Harvis, author of Company of One, emphasizes that you need to protect your schedule and workload. He also states that you have to find your company’s optimum size and stay put.

Consider setting the lower and upper limits to your goals. The magic zone for sustainability. Your having enough.

Harvis presents several characteristics to focus on while you choose your business goals:

  • Stability
  • Simplicity
  • Independence
  • Long-term resiliency
  • Starting small and become as profitable as possible, without external financing.

Keeping your business small doesn’t mean to stagnate it. However, you’ll need to adjust your mindset if you have what Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Workweek defines as the deferrers attitude. You save it all for the end only to find that life has passed you by.

Suppose you arrive at your ‘more than enough’ goal by October. Will you still keep working?

How will you rearrange your life? 2-month vacation?

2. Realize It’s Time to Delegate, Automate, and Say No.

For a productivity audit, Glei recommends to record these activities for a week or two:

  • Tasks you’re working on and for how long.
  • Check for the big distractions.

With a better idea where you have invested your energy for the past week, you’ll be able to create a to-do list and stop doing list.

Your business goals, the to-do list and stop doing list will help you to reschedule effectively.


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