How to Stop Reacting Emotionally Using Affirmations (Feeling Empowered)

How to Stop Reacting Emotionally

You react to some people and circumstances. It seems different situations aren’t created equal. So, you make exceptions or excuses. However, other circumstances or people don’t move you an inch.

What’s the difference?

Usually, these people or conditions have been present in your life since you can remember. Therefore, you believe you don’t have any power to change them and get different results.

Next thing, it creates a pattern in your life.

A Coping Strategy to Overcome Your Emotional Triggers

The ideal is to match a constructive thought with an elevated emotion. However, you have to work with what you have right now.

1) Pick a list of affirmations. The ones to enhance your core values. The affirmations that work for you today and ten years from now. For example, being grateful for your health, etc.

2) Repeat the list in your head or out loud. Whatever makes you comfortable. It could be 5, 15, or 30 min. Choose the time that works for your schedule. What’s important is to be consistent. Make it a habit.

3) When the situation that triggers you arrives, cope with it the best you can. Look for time alone. You’ll have your emotions going on. It could be anger, frustration, sadness, etc.

Your negative thoughts will be running rampant in your mind. Pick your list and read it and keep going until your affirmations are the ones that prevail. It’ll be a battle within yourself.

Your intention: I’m the one thinking in my mind. And my thoughts are constructive. Keep reading your list.

Redirecting: Stop giving your energy away. This time you’re going to put all that energy that you’re used to bottling up or mess around into improving your thoughts-improving your life.

Key point: Any time the surge of your negative energy shows up. It could be because you tend to regurgitate what happened, for example. Take your list and repeat your affirmations. Use all that energy for your own life.

The first time you achieve it, you’ll feel empowered.

the emotion code book quote

When Someone Triggers You on Purpose

If you have a strong reaction to these people or situations you have linked yourself to them. Love and fear connect you to people in your life.

This condition could be part of past life situations or something related to your current life. It doesn’t matter. It’s time to heal the situation and move on. You have better things to do with your life.

How to Communicate When You’re Triggered

As you keep going with changing your thoughts every time the negative energy shows up, you will realize you can control your thoughts. It won’t be easy. However, it’s that simple.

The improvement will be gradual. You’ll be less and less triggered by that person or situation every time you have to confront it.

First, you’ll be triggered but keep the poise.

Second, this person will try to trigger you. You’ll be aware of it and won’t be triggered by it.

Third, You’ll be able to keep your joy even after running into them. You´ll conquer your emotions around those people.

After that, these people could change or move away.

You’ll life will change after you realize you can change your thoughts and feelings.

You´ll choose your thoughts and emotions wisely and attract people who match your new mindset.

This is part of a process. There are more techniques to reinforce your mind+heart coherence such as meditation, mental rehearsal and mind movies.


Stop reacting emotionally

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