How to Boost Your Brain-Mind Power to Get What You Want

How to boost your brain-mind power

How to Reduce Stress and Increase Brain-Heart Coherence

Becoming supernatural book cover

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza to create what you want, you have to experience “the present moment.”[1] The process implies brain and heart coherence, that’s when the change occurs.

Even though “the present moment” can’t be experienced with the analytical mind, it’s the place to start.

In the book Becoming Supernatural, Dr. Joe explains the present moment, how our brain works, and much more.

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Let’s take a look.

Stress Hormones

You have to consider thoughts and emotions.

An intention (thought) generates an electrical charge and an emotion (feeling) generates a magnetic charge, both creates an electromagnetic field around you that attracts what you focus on.

If you have the same thoughts and emotions day in, day out, you create the same experiences.

Far from elevated emotions are fear, anger, envy, lack, sadness, grief, guilt, etc. These emotions make you release stress hormones.

The stress hormones generate adrenaline and cortisol, and in an emergency, it’s a healthy mechanism to preserve your life. However, these hormones are a problem when they become chronic, the menace is no longer present, but the response is still there.

Stress hormones keep you in the past. You revisit discordant events in your mind and get to live the same emotions that your body takes as if they are happening.

The stress hormones are present with high beta brain waves and generate brain and heart incoherence. Moreover, the imagination goes wild and focuses on worst case scenarios.

Repeatedly checking these past events in your life generates a group of neurons that stick together and create an unhealthy habit. Then, a person becomes addict to these emotions and bond with people that recreate the same emotions.

A healthy way to deal with past experiences involves focussing on the present moment because it creates brain and heart coherence.

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The Present Moment

The paradox: there’s no time in the present moment, at least not in the way we know it.

The present moment is an attempt to get us out of linear time and to eliminate blockages (false beliefs) from the subconscious mind to reach the super-conscious mind and let it make its work.

How Does Your Mindset Affect You?

Your point of view about life is marked by two paradigms: Descartes Dualism Theory or Albert Einstein Special Relativity Theory. Which one have you chosen in your life?

Our perception has been distorted by theories such as Descartes-dualism (1641) which conveys there’s no link between mind and matter, and that false belief created chaos and unhappiness in our lives.

How come?

Some people have generated a victim consciousness.

They feel powerless to deal with their circumstances because they don’t believe the relationship between their thoughts and feelings, and how they affect their reality.

Others use force (mental and physical) to impose their ideas and to get what they want.

Skeptics match these statements with woo-woo ideas. But there’s science to back it up with Einstein discoveries.

In 1905, Einstein presented the relationship between energy and matter with his famous equation E=mc2 and overruled Descartes-dualism theory.

However, Descartes-dualism paradigm ruled for so long that people aware of Einstein contribution to this paradigm change behave like Descartes-dualism is the real thing still.

In the end:

The present moment leads us to the unknown, quantum field, or super-conscious mind.

What are we looking for?

To unify the subconscious mind with the super-conscious mind.

This way, we get our minds integrity back, the connection between mind, body and the environment, furthermore, we recover our sense of wonder as kids have, and leave the victim and victimizer consciousness behind.

Beyond words:

The present moment implies alpha/theta brain waves and indicates an inner experience.

On the contrary, beta brain waves signal an outer experience. Moreover, high beta brain waves indicate stress hormones are in order, a place to experience anything but the present moment.

Get what you want - Becoming Supernatural Book Article

What to do – Mental Rehearsal

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a fan of mental rehearsal. The idea is to match a clear intention (thoughts) with an elevated emotion (feelings).

In a piece of paper:

Left side: write down under “Intention” the specifics of what you want, at least four, except when and how. For example: characteristics you’ll love in that dreamy new job.

Right side: write down under “Elevated emotion” how you are going to feel when the experience arrives. For example: grateful, in love with life.

In between: write a capital letter to represent the potential new experience. Also, draw two squiggly lines around it to represent the electromagnetic field you have to generate to match that new possibility.
Practice the meditation every day*.

*On Dr. Dispenza website, you can read the step-by-step preparation and meditation as it’s in the book Becoming Supernatural.


The purpose of this practice is to induce your brain and body to look as if the future you wanted has already happened.

Tip: Take aside a few minutes a day to daydream about your intention + the feelings you associate with your project and make it as vivid as possible in your mind. Feel like you’re already there.

Actions will follow, tiny ones at first, hunches will arrive here and there, and synchronicities.

However, you can expect an increased of chaos in your life too because as any cleaning process it can be messy at first.

A word of caution: be sure to match your well-intention wish with harmonious emotions. Otherwise, it will hurt others, but you will get hurt more than anyone else.

Dr. James Doty wrote about his unhappy experience and how he managed to get back on track, and working in a project with the Dalai Lama. You can read more in his book Into the Magic Shop.

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Wrapping Up

The present moment is beyond words and time. Even though, it’s difficult to explain doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s there and will change our life’s perception forever.

Also, beyond words and theories, it’s important the practicality of these concepts in daily life. Otherwise, it’s just rhetoric.


Did you like what you read?


Author Dr. Joe Dispenza
Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon
Published by Hay House Inc.; Reprint edition (March 19, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1401953119

Available here: Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK |


Dispenza, J., Becoming supernatural: how common people are doing the uncommon. Hay House, Inc., 2017.[1]

Dispenza, J., Breaking the habit of being yourself: how to lose your mind and create a new one. Hay House, Inc., 2012.[2]

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