5 Free Black-and-White Printable Bookmarks

Free Black-and-White Printable Bookmarks pdf - rosaelenad.com

Nowadays, most of my books are in the cloud. But, I have my favorites of all time in print. Recently, I realized I have marked my books with any piece of paper available.

Effective Writing Help: How to Deal with Writer’s Block

Pile of books with text overlay - How to Deal with Writer’s Block

You don’t feel driven to write. You tag the experience as writer’s block. And you’d be right. The search to overcome the writer’s block curse begins. You hate it. Annoying isn’t it? Check this out:

On Being Stuck by Laraine Herring


On Being Stuck focuses on personal development block´s and how they affect writer’s work. The author refers to writer’s block as a pause on work to pay attention to what’s going on inside us.