The Easiest Way to Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind

The Easiest Way to Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind

A natural phenomenon occurs every single day in you.

Your brain goes from Theta to Alpha waves before arriving into Beta waves every morning and vice-versa every night.

The dawn and dusk in you every day.

And you know what?

As part of their creative process, great thinkers like Albert Einstein and Edison napped to provoke this state of mind.

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What’s this post about?

What’s your first thought when you’re waking up and feeling drowse?

These few minutes are crucial. However, you have to we aware of what’s happening to take advantage of it.

After reading this post, you won’t jump out of bed to tackle the first task of your morning routine. Taking advantage of this moment will be your first task.

Let’s begin.

How Your Brain Works Every Time You Wake up or Go to Sleep

“The highest degree of outcropping of the subconscious occurs prior to sleep and just after we awaken.” Joseph Murphy

I’ll add naturally, because people use different techniques to access the subconscious mind like meditation and deep soul writing.

Joseph Murphy, author of Techniques in Prayer Therapy, explained the benefit, “the negative thoughts which tend to neutralize your desire and so prevent acceptance by the subconscious no longer present themselves.”

Here’s how it goes:

You experience four brain waves: Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta brain waves.

Delta brain waves: You’re asleep or well-trained to reach this deep sleep state with meditation.

Theta brain waves: When you awaken naturally, you’re drowsy and remember your dreams vividly. You can experience breakthroughs, for example, the solution to a problem.

Alpha brain waves: You’re relaxed and creative. Some people called it ‘being in the zone.’ For example, when you’re daydreaming.

Beta brain waves: You’re into low, mid or high Beta brain waves when you’re awake.

Low Beta brain waves: You don’t perceive any threats, for example, when you’re reading.

Mid Beta brain waves: Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Becoming Supernatural, calls it, ‘good stress.’ For example, meeting people for the first time.

High Beta brain waves: You’re influenced by stress hormones. For example, you feel anger, grief or depression. Any survival emotion you know goes here.

That’s why your morning routine starts before you even open your eyes. When you are half-awake.


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How to Start and End Your Day.

How do you take advantage of this state of your mind before rushing to tackle your to-do list?

Pay attention to the first thoughts and feelings greeting you every morning.

Do you feel grateful or angry?

Either way, you’re reinforcing a neural pathway in your brain that result in a habit.

If you feel grateful, you’ll experience more of that.

If you feel angry, you’ll experience more of that too.

These first thoughts and feelings while you’re awakening impress your body, your day and your life.

The first day you focus on this idea, you’ll gain awareness. You’ll have to choose if you want to feed the same neural pathways in your brain or take a different route.

What to do next?

The Complementary Night Routine

As you fall asleep.

Ask questions and keep a notebook on your nightstand.

For your own good, stop the victim questions that lead you nowhere, for example, why me?

Ask questions that empower a solution to your problem or any project you want to get ahead with.

Peter Smith, author of Sleep Better with Natural Therapies, gives great questions you can use:

What’s steps can I take in the coming days and weeks to fulfill and experience more of the positive values and beliefs that are important to me?

What do I really want to do? What is the one or maybe two things that I really want to achieve?

What’s the first practical and achievable step I can take to move me closer to achieving my important goals?

When you’re awakening

1.You can get an answer in your dreams. Write it down ASAP. If you go back to sleep right away, it’s possible to forget the message or part of it.

2. Choose a word and repeat it to interrupt a negative pattern in your brain. For example, change or harmony. Attach an uplifting feeling to the word you have chosen.

How Long Will It Take for the New Pattern to Stick in Your Life?

It depends of the depth of the neural pattern in your brain. How long have you had these habits? Your neural pathway could be a road or a highway.

Results don’t lie. Keep going until you see the results you want in your life, for instance, feeling grateful.

Sometimes, our habits are so negative that it takes persistence to eradicate that neural pathway and create a new one full of joy.

For example, according to Dr. John Sarno, author of Healing Back Pain, tension and unexpressed emotions—particularly anger—cause chronic back pain.

You’ll need to add other techniques or look for professional advice depending on how difficult have been what you have gone through in your life.

Keep going until you can rejoice in an uplifting feeling when you wake up so you can get more of it.


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Wrapping Up

Your first and last thoughts and feelings every day influence your body, your day and your life.

First, bring awareness into your life. Information is power. You’ll pay attention to your thoughts and feelings at these peak hours of the day that are so important.

Ask questions that impulse constructive answers and actions.

These small events bring great changes into your life for the better. Awareness is important and taking constructive action about the information you get is crucial for a life of joy and fulfillment.

Rejoice. After you have accomplished a task or overcome a challenge, it’s also important to stop and enjoy the thoughts and feelings you have embodied.

There’s a time for celebration before rushing to the next project in your life. If you feel great, embrace the thoughts and feelings that will bring more of that.


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