How to Give Positive Energy to Someone

Give positive energy to others

We’re always giving and receiving energy as we interact with our environment. It’s part of our journey to balance giving and receiving or we’ll end burnout and unhappy.

Also, it’s important to realize that giving and receiving positive energy is a choice and it’s up to us to make it happen.

You can give positive energy to someone through thoughts, words and actions.

Also, as we practice giving positive energy it becomes a habit. However, it’s important to take care of ourselves because we can’t give what we don’t have.

So, first step to give positive energy to someone is to work on ourselves and nourish our lives.

Then, it’s important to understand the context of the situation or environment where you want to spread your positive vibes.

Understand People’s Context

Sometimes, people have an abundant mindset. At other times, they go through trials and tribulations.

Giving positive energy to people going through abundant phases in life isn’t an effort. Don’t dismiss giving positivity to those people because they don’t seem to need them. There’s a time for appraisal and congratulations.

On the other hand, people who need our positive vibes are experiencing lack. They lack health, wealth, etc. They’re on survival mode and dealing with stress hormones.

What we can do for these people depend on how much positive energy we want to give them and how close we are to them.

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Let’s take a look.

3 Ways to Give Others Positive Energy

◼️ Thoughts

Thoughts of encouragement. You can send a blessing every time these people come to you mind.

If you pray, it’s a good way to send positive energy to someone.

Use your imagination. Picturing these people healthy, prosperous and enjoying life. Remember to match thoughts with feelings to make this practice powerful.

The key here is to be consistent. You don’t pray for someone or picture this person healthy once in a while. It’s a daily task. Take some minutes of your day to send good vibes to this person. Choose your favorite prayer or positive words.

For example, Joseph Murphy, the author of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, prayed for her sister who needed a surgery. You can read the prayer at goodreads. You can use it or create your own positive words to focus on when you’re sending good vibes to someone.

Besides, sending good vibes to someone, you can make them know you’re thinking about them through spoken or written words.

◼️ Words

You give positive energy when you express words of encouragement, love and inspiration. If you’re away and still want to be present and send good vibes, these are good ways to let people know you’re there for them.

▪ Phone calls.

▪ Text messages.

▪ Sending Postcards.

▪ Video messages.

▪ Gifting books or audio-books.

Beyond words and small gestures of love and appreciation, you can get involved even more if the situation calls for it.

◼️ Actions

Figure out how to make someone’s life easier.

Helping others with your positive presence. Our positive energy shows. You help with these people chores, duties, etc. Help them with theirs needs as much as you can. You can help with cleaning the house, cooking, walking the dog or doctor’s appointments companionship.

Even though we think about big gestures to help someone, sometimes, listening to them is just enough.

Wrapping Up

We have superficial interactions in our daily activities where we send good vibes to someone and move on with our lives.

However, it’s different when you’re involved in a situation where you choose to be present and sometimes, for some reason, you have to be there for that person. It’s up to you to consider why and how long.

Also, you have to be stronger than these people’s thoughts of lack and limitation. You’re helping them get out of the mindset that brought them there.

Also, be aware, there’s a difference between helping people going through rough times and people who always drag you down.

There’s is only one catch here and it’s to give yourself a time to replenish the energy you give to avoid burnout.

Giving positive energy to others

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