How to Brain Dump Your Thoughts and Untangle Your Mind

How to brain dump your thoughts

How much did you spend on groceries last week? What are you going to cook this week? How much do you have on your checking account? Do you have a project in mind? What’s the first step to begin this project?

Do you have all this data right now? Or do you have to gather the information first?

If you don’t have the information at hand or you have all this info and more in your mind, it’s time for a mental dump.

Let’s see.

What Is the Purpose of a Brain Dump?

A brain dump untangles your mind. It helps you get organized. Also, you get better use of your energy, your brain, your time, and your money.

You collect your data, make decisions based on accurate numbers, act to manifest your projects, and face what’s not working in your life.

So you create a budget, plan your meals, save for the dream house, and move your career forward, for example.

The data you collect is important considering what’s your ideal to enjoy life. Most people consider four aspects, love, health, wealth, and self-expression.

Analyzing your data helps you to check where you’re, compared it to where you want to be, and plan how to get there.

After a mind dump, you use your brain real state for more creative endeavors. There’s no need to memorize your to-do list.

You can write down a process you’re learning right now. Even though you memorized a process due to repetition, they’re better suited for checklists. Besides, it helps to delegate them later if you feel like.

Sometimes is better to apply journaling than a brain dump.


Brain Dump vs Journaling

A brain dump involves the practical aspect of a topic. For example, using an app to input your income and expenses. An app or a spreadsheet to help you track your cash flow.

On the other hand, your issues around money respond more effectively to journaling. You work on beliefs such as “there’s not enough” and ideas like that. I recommend deep soul writing.

Brain dump and journaling, untangle your mind. However, journaling digs deeper into the emotions attached to a certain topic. A brain dump gets you more organized.

How do you do it?

How Do You Effectively Dump Your Brain?

A brain dump is effective when you see the effects of what you’re doing in your life, less stress, a sense of ease, and moving forward.

Create a System to Distribute Your Brain Dump Ideas

There’s information in your mind that’s better stored in your computer or a logbook. Also, you don’t need to do it all in one day.

At first, you won’t have a system to distribute all that you have written down. Create a system that works for you.

There’s plenty of apps, logbooks, and notebooks to organize all your ideas and keep your mind for more creative endeavors.

1. Get your ideas down on scrap paper or an app before you forget it. Make the process easier than any excuse.

You can write down ideas for projects you know you don’t have time for right now, but eventually, you’ll get there.

Things you need to buy.

Processes that you can make a checklist and delegate later if you want to.

Write down any information you’re responsible for other people like clients, your partner, kids, parents, and friends.

Things that need to get done such as cleaning, taxes, etc.

2. Distribute your ideas into your chosen software or notebooks.

Income-spending trackers.
To-do lists apps.

3. Analyze your data.

Check your bank accounts. Try once per week. Analyze your data.

Separate your personal finances from your business.

Sometimes, it’s no easy looking at your bank account when it’s not much going on there. Don’t avoid it. Ask the right questions to get unstuck. Journaling helps. Also, educating yourself about money.

Check other’s paths and then make your own. You’ll personalize your system over time and practice.

Then you can decide what to do like choosing a side hustle, for example.

Set your priorities. Choose where to focus more on considering all your income streams.

You can analyze any aspect of your life. The main issues revolve around love, health, wealth, and self-expression.

4. Keep tweaking your system

You’ll get to know your best times for different aspects of your life. Choose what to do when you’re more energetic, for instance.

At first, it will take longer to do any task. Choosing the right app. Feeding your systems with your data.

Maybe, your first attempt isn’t the best one. However, choose an app or notebook and begin. After a while you’ll know better what you want and look for an app that better suits your needs or create your spreadsheet.

Distribute your brain dump to your to-do list. As time progress, you’ll have everything in place. Some stuff that right now goes to your brain dump will go directly to your to-do list, your logbooks, spreadsheets, etc.

Keep things simple. The idea is to get you conscious where you used to be unconscious. The main focus is on you not on any tool you use.

Wrapping Up

A brain dump is simple and powerful.

If you don’t know where to start, use a piece of paper or the notes app on your cell-phone to write your ideas as the day progresses.

Choose the apps, spreadsheets, or notebooks to organize all the data you’re pouring on to paper.

Analyze the data. You’ll get to know yourself better and take proper action.

With all the information you have tracked, you’ll be able to create a budget, know when to say no, choose tasks according to your energy levels, and much more.

Brain dump your thoughts

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