What Does It Mean to Manifest?

Manifest meaning

Manifest means you exert your free will to choose an idea. When you focus your mind and feelings long enough on that idea it can’t help but materialize.

You’ll meet the right people and be in the right place. However, some people wonder why their cherished dreams haven’t materialized.

The subconscious mind assumes you want to manifest whatever you pay attention to even though sometimes it’s the opposite.

You try to fix whatever isn’t working in your life. The method involves paying attention to what you don’t want and the subconscious mind obliges.

There’s nothing innocuous about the imagination. Even though some people diminish the power of the imagination as mere fantasies. It’s not the case.

The mix of thoughts and feelings manifest what you are experiencing in your life. Sometimes, not even your ideas but others.

Manifesting isn’t a problem in itself. You know how to manifest. You do it every day.

If you don’t like what you experience, that’s the problem.

Focus on what you want. Learn to trick your brain to make it happen. Choose wisely.

What does it mean to manifest

2 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to Manifest?

  1. Does Law of Attraction really works? I’ve heard about this, but don’t know enough about LOA.

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