Tricking Your Brain into Believing Something in 7 Simple Steps (Your Future Self will Thank You for This)

Tricking your brain into believing something

Your brain doesn’t differentiate between a real experience and one that you imagine. However, the trick is to make your brain believe something long enough to bring it into existence.

Do you know what else?

Brainwashing yourself isn’t enough to materialize your ideas. In addition, you need to pair your brain with your heart. In other words, you have to match your constructive thought with an elevated emotion—love, gratitude, for instance.

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Becoming supernatural book cover

This process of tricking your brain into believing something is called mental rehearsal. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, the author of Becoming Supernatural, it’s the act of “repeatedly imagining performing an action.”

Also, the process of tricking your mind into believing something with the help of a sugar pill or a saline injection to make you feel better is called a placebo. The placebo effect occurs even though people know they’re taking a medication that’s a placebo.

In this blog post, you’ll apply 7 simple steps to trick your brain into believing something.

So let’s begin:

1. Research

Get clear on what you want. It’s important to have an unambiguous intention.

Investigate the topic you want to create in your life. Usually, somebody else has accomplished something similar.

There’s no need to figure out every detail within this research phase. However, compile as much evidence as possible that what you want can be accomplished.

More details will show up as you develop your idea.

2. Set a Day to Start

Set a day to start with your idea. From now on your clear intention with an elevated emotion will be part of your lifestyle.

Setting a day to start doesn’t mean you’ll accomplish the end result that day. It’s a beginning. It’s also worth noting, you’ll be going back and forth between your old and new self until the new idea becomes a habit.

Learn to take your commitment to yourself as importantly as you commit to other people. Don’t let yourself behind.

3. Focus on What You Want

There are different techniques to narrow your focus only to what you want. You can create a mind movie or an intention mandala, for example.

Use your five senses to influence your mood and create the state of mind you need to bring your idea into form. You can repeat affirmations while listening to uplifting music, for example.

The distance between where you’re and where you want to be is a different mindset plus the emotions that you’ve already arrived at your destination.

Simply put, embrace change.

4. Avoid Conflict Between Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind

To trick your brain into believing something, you have to avoid conflict between your subconscious and your analytical mind.

Keep changing your affirmations until you can say it without your analytical mind telling you that’s a lie. You have to feel comfortable while repeating your affirmations or watching your mind movie.

You can repeat you’re wealthy, but your conscious mind will tell you that’s a lie if you’re broke. On the other hand, if you say your finances are getting better every day, your analytical mind will play along with it.

You can make yourself believe something that isn’t true yet. However, it’s not a thing you’ll get in a blink of an eye.

The key point here is to embrace change gradually.

5. Don’t Quit

Don’t get discouraged by your circumstances. You have to be strong enough to overcome them.

While you change your beliefs, you can feel awkward at times. Especially, when you are no longer your old self but you haven’t arrived where you want yet.

You’ll feel like giving up. That’s the moment to keep going until you get the results you want.

You have to embrace the thoughts and feelings of what you want before the actual experience arrives.

At first, you’ll get shy improvements here and there. Later on, you’ll improve more and more if you keep going.

You have to be aware of these tiny steps towards your goals.

6. Take Advantage of Your Relaxing Time

When you’re awakening and falling asleep are the best times to focus on what you want. The analytical mind is off naturally. Your brain waves are between alpha and theta, excellent to visualize what you want.

Any other time you can relax your body and focus on what you want works too.

Don’t let your mind wander and get into what you don’t want.

Important tip: Practice “the breath” to fully activate your pineal gland. Game changer. More info here.

7. Ask the Right Questions

If you complain you get stuck and see obstacles all over the place.

Ask questions to overcome obstacles or get unstuck. Ask questions every time you want to move forward.

This technique is excellent to give your brain direction towards what you want to achieve in your life.

Instead of I can’t or I don’t know, etc., you can ask, what else is possible?

Ask empowering questions until you see that a solution shows up.

mental rehearsal - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Wrapping Up

These 7 steps to trick your brain into believing something are simple but powerful.

That being said, it doesn’t mean they are easy steps to take. The toughest could be to keep up with your clear intention and elevated emotion day in and day out even when you don’t feel like it.

If you want to get steady results, you have to embrace your new thoughts and feelings like second nature.

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  1. I’ve read Becoming Supernatural and some other books by Dr J… I’m glad for this simplified steps to take that I just read here.

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