Signs From the Universe or Coincidence: Neither

Signs from the universe or coincidence

Let’s see what the universe and coincidence mean. It’s important to have clear concepts to understand what the universe represents and how to use it.

What’s the Universe?

According to the Oxford dictionary, the universe is “all existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos.”

So, focusing on all existing matter and space for a sign is interesting. What kind of sign? What for?

Meanwhile, what some people consider signs of the universe are coincidences to others.

What’s a Coincidence?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a coincidence means “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.”

This concept reflects the point of view of the opposite side of the spectrum. The people who believe that everything is a coincidence. It means they can’t affect the “all existing matter and space” or at least get a sign from that.

Both points of view are true even if they are false. Whatever you believe is true for you. The point of view you choose will direct your thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions, and affect your circumstances.

However, will your point of view bring you happiness?

How Do You Know if You’re on the Right Path?

If you’re unhappy you’re not on the right path. So, it’s important to reflect on your points of view and change what’s not working for you. Your points of view are thoughts and thoughts can be changed.

I believe that coincidence doesn’t exist. I don’t believe in chaos. That’s true for me and makes me happy. It gives me the power to affect my circumstances. Even though it’s not always as easy as I would like to.

If you believe whatever happens in your life is a coincidence, you believe in luck and everything happens to you by chance. It will make you feel powerless to affect what’s happening in your life. It’s a victim mentality. And you’ll always ask, why me?

Also, you could behave like you don’t care because if you can’t change anything why bother. However, if you’re unhappy, chances are you do stuff to avoid those feelings. Sometimes, people get into destructive behaviors for that reason.

Does it mean that’s better to believe in a sign from the universe? Not really.

How Do You Find Your Life Path?

If you’re asking a sign from the universe, it reflects a belief in a power outside of you.

What’s wrong here is the focus. You’re giving something outside your power to influence your decisions. In this case, is the universe. You’ll get superstitious.

However, it’s the other way around. You have the power to affect everything in your life. You’re affecting your life right here, right now.

Knowing how the mind works will change back your focus where it belongs. Cause affects matter. That doesn’t mean to dismiss the world like it’s not important. It is. The world shows your beliefs.

If you don’t like whatever sign you’re receiving from the universe, change your mindset. It will affect your decisions and actions for the better.

You can read the article tricking your brain into believing something to influence your circumstances through your thoughts and feelings.

You can ask for a definite lead and the answer will come from your superconscious mind. People call it different names such as infinite intelligence, intuition, or God.

As long as you believe this power is love and connected to you, it’s OK. If you believe in an angry God from afar, it’s time to heal that perception.

Beyond signs from the universe or coincidences, know yourself.

Signs from the universe or coincidence

2 thoughts on “Signs From the Universe or Coincidence: Neither

  1. I suspect believing in signs is more fulfilling, but doing so all leaves one more susceptible to relying on them for guidance and purpose.

    It would interesting if we could scientifically study “coincidences” and how the interpretations of then affect our lives.

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