3 Powerful Forgiveness Affirmations To Heal Your Life (Unblock Your Good)

Simple ways to find forgiveness

There are simple ways to find forgiveness. The use of forgiveness affirmations to heal your life is one of them. However, simple doesn’t mean easy. It becomes easy as you make it a habit.

Mostly, besides yourself and your willingness to do the work, you don’t need anyone else. So, no excuses.

What does forgiveness mean?

To forgive means “to give for—to let go of old ideas, feelings or conditions and to give something better in their place.”

forgiveness quote

There are three angles you have to consider for overall forgiveness. These are three examples you can start with.

1) Forgive yourself

I am forgiven and governed by love and all is well.

“I am forgiven and governed by God’s love alone and all is well”

2) Forgive others

“I forgive everything and everybody who can possibly need forgiveness in my past and present. I forgive positively everyone. I am free and they are free, too. All things are cleared up between us now and forever.”

3) Asking for forgiveness

“I am now forgiven by everything and every one of the past and present that needs to forgive me. I am now positively forgiven by everyone.”

You have to show up to do the forgiveness exercise for half an hour every day.

Forgiveness Exercise: Repeat these three affirmations for half an hour every day.

At first, you’ll think you’re wasting your time. Stick with the process.

Repeating the same affirmations for half an hour will stir your mind.

You’ll begin to remember stuff you forgot a long time ago and is causing you trouble in your present situation.

Important: Memories from your past will emerge. Don’t stick to them. You’ll tend to focus on that again. Keep repeating the same affirmations. Be willing to let go.

This process is simple but powerful.

Choose a day you won’t have many commitments going on. Beyond the emotional aspect of this exercise, you can feel uncomfortable as the toxins leave your body.

It’s amazing how negative thoughts and emotions that you bottled up for so long emerge and leave your mind and body.

The cleaning process is uncomfortable. After a while, it’ll diminish, until it’s gone.

If you wait to feel good to be willing to forgive. It will never happen. Begin with what you have right now.

The effects over circumstances vary every situation. However, forgiveness brings great results.



Ponder, C. (2008). The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. DeVorss & Company Publisher. ISBN 978-0875165516.

Simple ways to find forgiveness - woman

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