How to Boost Your Brain-Mind Power to Get What You Want

How to boost your brain-mind power

Stressful situations generate stress hormones. If you don't make any changes you can become addict to those emotions. Click to master your mind/brain with a simple method that will bring peace and every rightful wish you deserve.

How to Doodle: 250+ Quick and Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Drawing School - Feature Image

Last updated Oct. 20, 2020 Do you want to draw doodles for fun? Or Do you want to be a full-time doodle artist? Nila Aye explains drawing doodles through basic shapes and simple lines. She adds the step by step drawings for beginners that match perfectly what she is teaching.

Gastrophysics Cooking: How Is Science Involved in Cooking?

Gastrophysics Cooking. How Is Science Involved in Cooking

A perfect meal. What do you remember from that experience? The food? Who you were with? Chefs, restaurateurs, and the food and beverage industry are paying attention, and using all the research results Gastrophysicists have discovered, and so can you now.

How to Easily Start Tidying a Messy House

Pile of books with text overlay - How to Easily Start Tidying a Messy House

A cozy house where we feel at home is something we are grateful for. However, work, family responsibilities, health issues get in between cleaning and organizing. Try these tips to start creating that lovely home you envision even though it doesn't look like that shown in magazines

Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods by Anthony William Review

50 Life-changing food book review

The Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods book presents information channeled by Anthony William from a source call Spirit, and includes a section for life-changing angels who “support us via our food supply.” Consequently, “You won’t find citations or mentions of scientific studies in this book.”