Aligning with the Vibration of Money + Harmony

Aligning vibration money

There’s a time in life when you want more. Earning money is not enough even if you’re earning more than enough but still unhappy.

You have proved you can earn money, so what’s the missing part? Linking money and harmony implies taking a different path or changing career altogether.

You’ll have to upgrade your mindset about money. Even though money seems the main focus it’s not. Money is the consequence, not the cause. Meaning, you have to focus on other aspects to attract money into your life harmoniously.

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The Spiritual Side of Money

The spiritual side of money implies there’s a mindset behind it. Poverty or prosperity thoughts in your subconscious mind mold your experiences. Also, there’s the emotional aspect of money, that brings so much pain or happiness into the mix.

Money is energy. It’s a mean of paying for goods and services. Create value to people through a service or product and it will bring money to you. Also, money comes from different channels. Sometimes, unexpected channels.

Fulfillment is a different story. It comes from earning money doing what you love. You can’t ignore the spiritual side of money without distorting yourself in the process. You have to pay attention to what you love doing and how you can monetize it.

For some people, it seems too good to be true. Love what you do and earn money in the process. However, it’s possible. There’s work to do if you aren’t there yet. You have to feed your subconscious mind with the right thoughts to make it happen.

There’s a soap opera attached to money even though it’s innocuous per se. What you do with money could be a problem if you let it be. Learn how to think and feel properly about money to stay away from all the drama.

First, it’s important to remove financial blocks in your subconscious mind to go forward.

Clearing Financial Blocks

Your subconscious mind has all your ideas about money. Also, ideas from people who influence you such as your family, friends, teachers, and mass media.

There are different areas to tackle money. Two major aspects are receiving money and spending it. In this article, you’ll work on receiving money harmoniously.

You can earn enough money to reach your financial goals and realize you aren’t happy. Don’t think you’re ungrateful. This dissatisfaction is pointing you at a limiting belief to deal with.

If you’re already earning money, you have come a long way. Money is flowing in your life. It means you’ve healed plenty. Time to raise your consciousness again.

What do you have to change to receive money joyfully? Check the naysayers in your mind and your emotions. Write them down.

All these thoughts have created a neural pathway in your brain. They have formed a habit. They dictate your actions.

The next step is to change your mindset to enjoy the process of earning money.

Change Your Mindset to Attract Money + Harmony

Taking responsibility for your money mindset will bring you peace of mind. The moment you take responsibility, you’ll get your power back. You can’t change the past. However, you can change how you face those issues now and choose what’s next.

Receiving money with joy implies aligning with the right people. Do you feel joy receiving money from the people you work with? If not, what else is possible?

Once you’ve chosen the new mindset, consistency is key to make the new thoughts a habit and embrace a new reality. Trick your subconscious mind into believing what you want.

If you are wondering what to do next with your career or business:

Nowadays, people document their lives on social media. You could follow someone with the business model you would like to achieve.

Ask yourself questions, for example, what else is possible?

Journaling helps to clear your subconscious mind and focus on what you want.

If you struggle to let the past behind. You’re regurgitating the same thoughts from past experiences, try forgiveness.

Mental rehearsal is great and effective to focus on what you want, in this case, money and joy.

An affirmation by Florence Scovel:

I have a wonderful business
in a wonderful way
I give a wonderful service
for a wonderful pay
under grace and perfect ways

Don’t limit yourself to have money. You can have money, as Joseph Murphy wrote, and “still have peace of mind, harmony, perfect health, and perfect expression.”

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Aligning with the vibration of money + harmony

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