How to Reset Your Mind and Mood

How to reset your mind and mood

You express your state of being. In other words, a persistent thought and the feeling that matches over time build a habit.

The sum of all your thoughts and feelings that you feed day in and day out builds habits and represents your state of being.

Thoughts and feelings are key to reset your mind and mood because they are the basic components that create your habits; your state of being.

Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Your state of being influences your circumstances. However, you think negative circumstances trigger your negative thoughts and emotions, and you just react to your environment.

As you become aware of your thoughts and feelings, you realize they influence your experiences.

What you’re experiencing now has to do with your past thoughts and feelings. If you let negative thoughts and emotions run rampant you create the habit of expecting the worst. Usually, it happens and you think you predicted it.

How to Change Your State of Mind

You have to take control of your thoughts and emotions to create the circumstances you want in your life. If you don’t do it, others will.

At first, it can be messy while you go back and forth between creating your experiences and feeling a victim of your circumstances.

These are to paradigms:

  • Descartes Dualism Theory
  • Albert Einstein Relativity Theory.

You’re building your life through one of these theories. If you don’t know how these theories apply to your day to day, you already have picked one unconsciously. You have chosen the one that’s not making you happy.

You have to pick the constructive thoughts you would like to experience in your life and stick to them until they become a habit. Otherwise, it’s like yo-yo dieting and you will get results accordingly.

The way to stick to a new thought gets easier when you understand how the mind works. Read your favorite authors about this subject every day.

For example, you’ll understand how your brain waves work. You’ll know the best time to influence your mind/brain is while you are awakening and falling asleep.

Thoughts alone won’t make the trick. You’ll have to pair your thoughts with constructive emotions.

How to Change Your Emotional State

Every thought activates an emotion. As you make it a habit, it will show up in your life as an experience.

If you’re in a bad mood, it’s a pattern in your life. Maybe, you don’t remember the thoughts and feelings that originated it.

Ask questions, for example, what else is possible? Asking questions helps to make the pattern conscious and break the habit that’s attracting that experience into your life.

Check if you can deal with it by yourself.

Sometimes, the experience is so painful, that’s a great idea to ask for professional help.

There are several techniques you can choose to deal with past experiences that are shaping your present. For example, forgiveness is powerful. Document yourself about forgiveness and how to do it properly.

A quick fix to control yourself before you get into trouble: Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. However, there’s not a quick fix long term. You have to work on yourself.

Wrapping Up

The basics to reset your mind and mood are thoughts and feelings.

It’s important to pick a paradigm. A road-map you can stick to beyond dogmas and superstitions.

There are simple but powerful techniques to deal with past inharmonious experiences that are shaping who you’re today. For example, forgiveness and meditation to name a few.

You have to believe in happiness to make it happen. That doesn’t mean ignoring or repressing what makes you unhappy. You have to work on it to heal.

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